What’s going on here?

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What’s going on here?

Hi Everyone,

By the last couple of posts you’ll see I have been podcasting. Just a bit of fun and good times making content for Can Do Dave and Johnno show.

I’m looking to do the show as audio and at time we will stream video too. It could be fun for listeners and viewers but mainly I’m doing because I want to do it.

So, if you like the content I produce, you are welcome. If not, see ya! Better still, do your own show and help build the world of on line content.

Here are the links you will need:

Sound Cloud (Podcasts): https://soundcloud.com/greeneyedmonsteraudio

YouTube (Videocasts): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChE4HLj0weOS_GjJgja8G7A

Vimeo (Videocasts): https://vimeo.com/davidhales

Mixlr (Live Broadcasts): https://mixlr.com/green-eyed-monster

Anyway, on with the day!