New Year’s Direction

Well the first day of sunshine for the new year is drawing to a close and I’m looking forward to tomorrow as I have a meeting with my business partner Graeme Goodings to discuss projects for 2019. Will be shifting our focus a little bit in the coming year from making videos to training you to make the best videos you can with the equipment you’ve got.

Several courses will be constructed during 2019 to teach you all about lighting, sound, video, editing and more. These courses will teach you to make better videos than your competitors you know the ones who just grab the iPhone and go and shoot will teach you the tips and tricks to make your video worthy of your brand and business.

Keep your eye on the and look at the training section for the various courses will be running during 2019. There’s something there for everyone.

So decide where your video could use Improvement and contact us on 08 8325 2746 or email us at

See you soon!

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