Podcasting set-up

Well, today I’ve been stuck in the office all afternoon working out a new podcast setup with microphones and mixers. This year are Graeme and I are going to be getting back into podcasting and video casting. So, we might do some local stuff from our 3 webcam office or we might go out into the studio and do more with the real McCoy.

What I’ve been doing is mucking around with some Logitech 920 I think C920 webcams and I hooked up a 4 channel Audio Mixer to the computer so that we can have some guests in here as well. When Graeme and I get back to work at the end of January you might see some excellent new productions coming out of the video Professionals studio so keep a look out what’s the website watch our social media and see what we are going to be up to in 2019.

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